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    Proud of Our Diversity

    Dublin City Schools is one of Ohio's most diverse school districts, featuring students from more than 100 countries speaking more than 70 different languages. Our diversity is a tremendous source of pride for our students and staff because students from around the globe provide all of us with opportunities to experience different cultures, languages, and customs right here in Central Ohio. The District's diversity also helps underscore and emphasize the fundamental truth that we are all people, and we share this one planet. The diversity of a school community opens up the world for discussion and experiential learning by providing a global perspective that would otherwise be lacking in a homogeneous group of people.

    English Language Learners Staff and Bilingual Aides

    Dublin City Schools has more than 1,200 English Language Learners who speak a wide variety of different languages. The District is fortunate to have a team of highly qualified ELL staff and bilingual aides who work with these students to ensure they learn how to read and write English at functional levels.

    Gobal Travel

    Dublin City Schools offers students the opportunity to take educational trips abroad. Click here to learn about our Global Travel program.

    Multicultural Celebrations

    One of the many ways we recognize and celebrate diversity is by engaging in "multicultural day" celebrations from elementary to high school. These events feature food from around the world, presentations by students and musical performances. For example, Dublin Scioto's Cafe-Read-A-Latte has become a school tradition and is one of the highlights of the entire school year for Scioto students and staff. Multicultural celebrations are great opportunities for our students to celebrate their own culture while learning more about their peers.

    Clubs and Activities Celebrating Diversity

    At the elementary level, some of our schools have an informal "Japanese Moms" club who meet on a regular basis to share their culture with our students. Dublin City Schools' largest non-white subgroup as classified by the Ohio Department of Education is "Asian." We have many Japanese families who live here due to our excellent schools and Dublin's proximity to the Honda plant in Marysville. The members of the Japanese moms groups teach students how to create origami art work, bring authentic Japanese food from home on multicultural days and much more.

    At the secondary levels, we have many clubs and opportunities for students to engage in multiculturalism. Some of those opportunities are listed below.

    African Library Club: Students gather books and package them to be sent to African countries. The club works with 8 different libraries in Africa. In April of 2016, the club shipped 18 boxes totaling 1,013 books to The Unique Standard School in Ghana. In October of 2017, Dublin Coffman students were recognized on the African Library Project's blog!

    Chinese Club: Students with an interest in Chinese language and culture participate in activities that promote understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture. Activities include movies, food, and games.

    French Club: A group that promotes an interest in French as a co-curricular activity. The main purpose of the club is to provide students with an additional opportunity to work with French and to broaden their understanding and appreciation of French culture. Activities include games, movies, restaurants, a hayride in the fall, a fondue night and other cooking events.

    German Club: The club explores German, Austrian and Swiss culture by doing such activities as creating gingerbread houses and various crafts, making and enjoying traditional foods from these cultures, celebrating holidays, playing games using the German language, enjoying movies in German and having a cookout and a soccer game with visiting German students in the spring.

    Japanese Club: A club that seeks out and creates cultural and social activities and events related to the study of Japanese language and culture in our school and community. The club also promotes understanding and appreciation of the language and culture.

    Multicultural Club: Multicultural Club promotes the acceptance of all people.The club helps students to value diversity within Dublin City Schools, the US, and the world. Activities are partially based on student interest. They include field trips to educate students about diversity and non-violent conflict resolution, as well as the exploration of different cultures through music, food, literature and movies.

    Spanish Club: A group that promotes an interest in Spanish as a co-curricular activity. The main purpose of the club is to provide students with an additional opportunity to work with Spanish and to broaden their understanding and appreciation of Spanish speaking cultures. Activities include games, movies, restaurants, a hayride in the fall, and various cooking events.

Celebrating Diversity