• There are three different ways you can learn how to activate your Schoology account.

    You can watch the video, follow the written instructions posted, or download the illustrated step sheet at the bottom of this page.

Video: How to activate your Schoology account

Written instructions: How to activate your Schoology account

  • Welcome to Schoology

    Dublin’s Learning Management System (LMS) for Grades 6-12

    You will need the Parent Access Code your child brought home from school and emailed to your student's District-issued gmail address.

    To create a new Parent account, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    1. Go to Schoology.com
    2. Click "Sign Up"
    3. Click on the "Parent" Button
    4. Enter your Access Code your student brought home to you and was emailed to your student's account. It should look similar to this: xxx-xxx-xxx
    5. Fill out the form with your information
    6. Click Register to complete

    When you use a Parent Access Code to create an account, you will be automatically associated with that student. To associate additional students to your account, click on the Add Child button in your Schoology account. You will be prompted to enter the access code for your additional child(ten). You must have an access code for each of your children at initial setup.You can then use the linking feature to toggle between accounts.

Step Sheet and Translated Instructions