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    Dublin City School's Behavior Team Mission Statements


    HONOR.    Students have a right to have aspects of choice in what and how they are taught.  Students and families have a right to effective treatment based on scientifically proven methodologies.

    ADAPT.  Along with stakeholder input, student data will be used to make decisions on the effectiveness, efficiency and validity of interventions. Students and families will have the opportunity to evaluate the student’s programming.

    EMPOWER.  Students will learn that their communication is paramount. Students will be taught to handle non-preferred activities that will benefit them in the future.


    Based on the following sources-

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The Dublin Behavior Team--Who we are and Where you can find us!

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    Special Education Coordinator

    Shawn Heimlich, Emerald Campus


    Registered Behavior Technicians

    Kate Brewer -Scottish Corners Elementary

    Debbie Garverick, Kelly Bowman & Julie Racan- PreSchool Building

    Ethan Larned- Scioto High School

    Jenn Voigt- Wright Elementary

    Hope Oleckniche- Thomas Elementary

    Stacy Bernard- Karrer Middle School

    Tiffany Adkins-Davis Middle School

    Hannah Miller- Deer Run Elementary

    Val Bomar- Hopewell Elementary

    Julie Szabo-Chapman Elementary

    Rachel Cox- Pinney Elementary

    Madison Quinn- PATHS

    Michale Waun- Grizzell Middle School

    Sam Smith - Jerome High School

    Dana Dickman- Sells Middle School

    Paula Gilotti- Wyandot Elementary

    Taylor Leach- Depp Elementary

    Karin Humble- Transportation Department


    Working to become RBTs

    Logan Conrad- Riverside ES

    Whitney Clark-Coffman High School

    Sai Annis & Joe Coe- Sells Middle School

    Ernita Jones-Eversole Run

    Kristianna French- Old Sawmill ES

    Kristin Berman- Bailey ES

    Anne Browning- Indian Run ES



    MaryAnne Brown, MA, BCBA Preschool Buliding

    Lee Geer, MS, BCBA, COBA Dublin Jerome HS, Eversole Run MS, Old Sawmill ES (office), Chapman ES, Hopewell ES, Pinney ES.

    Kim Jones, MEd., BCBA, COBA PATHS, Grizzell MS, Deer Run ES, Bailey ES, Indian Run ES, Thomas ES, (office at Wyandot).

    Katie Sikora, MA, BCBA, COBA Dublin Scioto HS, Davis MS, Sells MS, Glacier Ridge ES, Scottish Corners ES (office).

    Ron DeMuesy, MEd., BCBA, COBA Dublin Coffman HS, Karrer MS, Riverside ES, Wyandot ES (office), Abraham Depp ES, Daniel Wright ES.