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    Getting the Behavior Team Involved--Request for Assistance--


    Steps for Completing a Functional Behavior Assessment 

    Step 1: Student’s case manager (or other school staff member) gain permission from the student’s parents/guardian using this form 

    Parent/Guardian Consent for a Functional Behavior Assessment

    Step 2: IS and BCBA will discuss who is responsible for conducting a parent interview.

    Step 3: BCBA outlines how the analysis/assessment will be conducted.  BCBA works with the student’s case manager (or other school staff) to complete the analysis/assessment.

    Please see the Request for Assistance link above for the FBA Interview Form

    Functional Behavior Assessment Template

    Step 4: Once finished with the analysis,  BCBA shares the summary with the student’s case manager (or other school staff).

    Step 5: Student’s case manager (or other school staff) edit the summary and meet with BCBA to develop a behavior hypothesis statement. If applicable, BCBA enters the FBA into Same Goal.


    The FBA is now complete and can be integrated into the behavior plan.


    Steps for Writing a Behavior Plan

    Behavior Plan Template

    Step 1: Student’s case manager (or other school staff) or BCBA transfer FBA to Behavior Intervention Plan. (see corresponding sections on each document).

    Step 2: Student’s case manager (or other school staff) meet with the BCBA to develop the three strategy sections found in the behavior plan.

    Step 3: Once the strategies sections are completed, the student’s case manager (or other school staff) work together with the BCBA (and possibly RBT) to develop a data collection method (if not done previously).

    Once the plan is finalized, the student’s case manager (or other school staff) sends the Behavior Plan to the student’s parents to be signed.  Then the plan can be uploaded into Same Goal.        



Books About Behavior

Dublin Behavior Team Flip Grid Video Series

PEAK Stimuli- note PEAK is a program that is copyrighted by Dr.Mark Dixon and Shawnee Scientific Press, 2014.

  • Over the past year our young adult students in the PATHS program have been engaged in an extensive job training project. Our students have built a system that is accessible to all district staff providing the stimuli needed to implement PEAK Direct Training assessments in the “Green Binder”.  

    Available PEAK Direct Training Stimuli


    Additionally, embedded in this system is the opportunity for our students to continue to gain valuable work skills. Teachers can order customized stimuli needed for specific students if the current stimuli does not meet your student needs. If you are in need of stimuli that is specific to your student, we will build those resources for you!  Embedded in our google document is a link that will allow you to customize your order. Check it out!!  


    PEAK Stimuli Order Form