Behavior Team - Honor Adapt and Empower Award


     What is the "Honor~Adapt~Empower" Award?

    The "Honor~Adapt~Empower" Award is a way for you to recognize colleagues for the work they do to support students who experience unique and individualized challenges in classroom or social situations. This recognition is designed for staff who:
    ~ HONOR students ... meet students "where they are" - honor a student's choice and voice - investigate, understand, and validate underlying causes or behavior - "hear and listen" when a student communicates ...
    ~ ADAPT instruction, intervention, and support ... to meet individual and unique needs - based on student choice/voice - based on preferences and interests ...
    ~ EMPOWER students ... to use communication - to make choices - to make requests - to direct his/her learning ...
    These are just some of the examples of HONORING STUDENTS, ADAPTING INSTRUCTION, and EMPOWERING STUDENTS! You may know and may have observed even more examples of these three principles - be sure to identify them below in your nomination of this staff member!


    This drawing is of 7 students standing together with the words Honor, Adapt and Empower written underneath the drawing 

    To Nominate someone- click on the logo above


    The Dublin City Schools Behavior team will be reviewing all nominations and will be delivering certificates to all nominated staff members at the end of each month. In addition, an 'award winner' will be randomly selected from each month's nominees and will receive a surprise from the Behavior Team!


    Special Thanks to Jason Blair- Art Teacher at Depp Elementary for creating our logo



Previous Behavior Department Award Winners