Levy and Bond Information

  • In our fast-paced, constantly-connected world, it’s more important than ever to know the facts. Whether you’re just trying to keep up with local happenings or enjoying a debate with a friend, having a strong foundation of knowledge is key to making informed decisions and having productive conversations. Additionally, facts give us a clear picture of what is happening around us and help us to better understand complex issues, like school finance.

    Our goal is to make sure you know the facts about Dublin City Schools. This page is dedicated to providing our community with information that helps them understand how our school district is using taxpayer dollars to provide local children with the best education in Ohio.

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November Ballot Issue

  • NEW - What is Issue 12? What will the ballot language say?

  • Will the district have a levy issue on the ballot this fall?

  • How much will the proposed levy cost homeowners?

  • Why is the district requesting new revenue?

  • What will happen if the levy is rejected by voters?

  • If the levy is rejected by voters this November, when will an issue for the school district appear on the ballot again?

  • What tools are available to see how the levy will impact my tax bill?

  • Why is the levy issue being presented in November as opposed to 2024 or later?

  • Does the proposed levy affect property taxes or income taxes?

  • When would the tax go into effect if it the levy is approved in November 2023?

  • Who will pay the tax if the levy is approved?

  • When would the district start collecting new revenue if the levy is approved?

  • NEW - Is the district transitioning to all-day kindergarten?

Property Values & Reappraisal

  • Does the district receive additional revenue from developments and new construction homes?

  • Will more revenue be generated from the planned reappraisal of homes in Franklin and Delaware Counties?

  • During a reappraisal, is there a one-to-one relationship between property taxes and property values? If a property's value increases by 20%, will the taxes also increase by 20%?

  • Will revenue collected from the levy issue be based on current home values or reappraised home values?

  • What is the impact of House Bill 920?

  • If property values increase, do schools get more funding from voted levies?

  • What are the effective tax rates for the district's general fund?

  • What is a mill?

Our Finances

  • How is the district currently funded?

  • What are the district's current expenditures?

  • Is the district forecasted to go into financial deficit?

  • What is the difference between operating funds, permanent improvement funds, and bond projects?

  • Did the district receive money through ESSER/ARP (Cares Act) grants?

  • How do I get more information regarding the district's finances?

Our Facilities

  • How many sites does our district currently own and maintain?

  • What projects did the 2018 bond issue fund?

  • Why wasn't Abraham Depp Elementary built to accommodate more students?

  • How is increasing construction costs impacting our district?

  • When did action steps for Elementary #15 begin?

  • Why isn't the construction of a fourth high school included in the 2023 bond issue?

Our Future

  • What is our district's current enrollment?

  • What is the projected enrollment growth for Dublin City Schools?

  • Why doesn't the school district do more to control growth?

  • Is the growth limited to the northwest quadrant of the district?