• We are excited to welcome Dublin City Schools students into our Emerald Campus building!

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    At Emerald Campus, we hope our mission is crystal clear: we're here to shape you into well-rounded, career and life-ready individuals. Our North Star? Responsibility, Growth, and Togetherness. And guess what? We're introducing you to the R-Factor this year – consider it your ultimate life toolkit.


    So, what's the deal with R-Factor? It's about being intentional, especially in how you handle life's twists and turns. This builds on the E+R=O introduced in your class meetings last month: Event plus Response equals Outcome. Life throws curveballs, but here's the secret – you can't always control events, but you can master your responses.  At Emerald Campus, you should expect a monthly theme and then a lesson in at least one of your classes during the first full week of the month.  Here is a quick snapshot of our schedule.


    Discipline over deafult, and no BCD images

    As you can see, Discipline over Default is our theme this September, and it's not just a school thing. It's a life thing, whether you're at home, school, or in your future dream job. It's all about making choices with purpose and skill, setting the stage for your unique, one-of-a-kind, journey ahead. Not have a first-period class at EC.  Learn more about our September lesson through these links Intro and Reflection


    Speaking of the journey, here are four post-graduation options we will also help you explore this year: Education, Employment, Enlistment, and Entrepreneurship, for simplicity we group into six pathway opportunities: Agriculture and Environmental Systems, Arts and Communication, Business and Law, Education, Hospitality, and Human Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology, and Health Science and Public Safety. Mix and match them to fit your unique goals and dreams. Learn more here!


    Your future self will high-five you for digging into R Factor!

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