• Process Overview

    The Strategic Planning Process began with a Board of Education Retreat in May of 2022 held at the Chamber. 

    Guest Speakers at Chamber

    In June, focus groups were held with key district stakeholders including; Business Advisory Council (shown below), Superintendent's Student Advisory Council, Senior Citizen Council, Key Communicators, and PTO Leadership.

    BAC Photo

    During the entire month of September, the Community Survey was advertised to all district residents, staff, and 6-12th grade students. View the paper copy of the Community Survey.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Strategic Plan? 

    • A Strategic Plan is a long-term framework that outlines a roadmap for the future of the school district.
    • While this plan will focus on the district as an organization, it involves collaboration beyond the school board and district staff to include the general public, business and industry representatives, and other community stakeholders.
    • During the visioning phase of the process, our community can pause, take stock and define, as a community, what Dublin City Schools should be in the future and how to get there. 
    • The plan will be created based on input from everyone in the community that cares about the future of the school district as a place for students to thrive, succeed, and prosper.
    • The plan will be a guide for decision-makers and will include an overarching vision that aligns all aspects of the community life and identify goals for the district to achieve.

    Why does the school district need a Strategic Plan? 

    • In general, planning represents good stewardship.  In addition to providing quality education, the district is positioned to remain a leader in the region for generations to come.
    • To ensure continued success as the district grows, it is important to establish a clear strategy to harness current assets, grow wisely, and position the district to retain and attract new employees, students, and investment alike.

    What is the timeline and process for completing the plan?

    • The plan will be a 12-month process and is anticipated to be completed in late Spring 2023.
    • Phase One - Preparation: The Board of Education met with Superintendent Marschhausen, reviewed benchmark districts around the United States, and discussed priorities. Those priorities were shared with the district's key stakeholder groups for feedback and refinement. The Community Survey was shaped by these efforts.
    • Phase Two - Vision Development: The Community Survey was widely shared with district residents, staff and 6-12th grade students during the month of September. Results will be shared with the Board of Education in late fall to create a draft vision, mission, and guiding principles. These will then be shared back with key stakeholder groups for additional input. District leadership will gather internal input and create a working draft Strategic Plan document during the winter.
    • Phase Three - Finalization: The Board of Education will review the draft document, followed by a community presentation and official adoption at a Board meeting in the spring.
DCS Strategic Planning Timeline Image