• Funded by the acceptance of the 2023 levy and bond issue, Elementary 15 will be the twenty-fifth school in the Dublin City School District. The building, which is in the very early stages of construction, is located adjacent to Jerome High School’s stadium, with access driveways off Cacchio Lane. For more details about Elementary 15, check out our February 14 post on our What’s New at DCS blog.

    The school is currently scheduled to open at the start of the 2025-2026 school year. As part of planning for Elementary 15, Dublin City Schools will need to redistrict elementary and middle school boundaries. Redistricting will focus on incorporating the new building, balancing existing student populations, and accommodating future enrollment growth.

    Our district has partnered with Cropper GIS, a firm of experts who work nationwide in school redistricting, to lead our process. Details for the community, including proposed maps and opportunities to provide feedback, will be available in the fall of 2024. Please hold all questions and comments until that time.

    In the interim, we have gathered what we know and crafted the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the timeline for Elementary 15 and the redistricting process?

  • Which schools will be impacted by redistricting?

  • What factors are considered when making redistricting decisions?

  • What school will be impacted the most?

  • Will housing developments be considered when creating boundaries?

  • When will the proposed boundaries be shared with the community?

  • When will the final boundaries be announced?

  • When will new boundaries become effective?

  • Who is on the Internal Planning Team?

  • Will any students be permitted to remain at their current school? What about siblings of these students?

  • Will rising 5th graders be permitted to remain at their current school? If so, will transportation be provided?

  • Will rising 8th graders be permitted to remain at their current school? If so, will transportation be provided?

  • Will my child be redistricted if they have a disability?

  • Could a student get redistricted to one of the current elementaries instead of the new building?

  • Can I opt to send my child to a school other than the one to which they are assigned under the new boundaries?