Culture is the Heart of What We Do

  • A major focus for Dublin City Schools is culture. Our intentional focus on building a successful culture is critical as we work through the strategic planning process and master facility work. We know that culture is not built by what we proclaim, but is built by what we practice, permit, and promote. When it comes to the culture in Dublin City Schools, everything matters; when we build our culture, everyone has an impact. 

    Since August of 2021, we have been on a culture journey together. We started with a group of district and community leaders to identify the core values, the heart, of the school district. Through collaboration and dialogue, we identified three core values:

    • Take Responsibility - Own your attitude and actions

    • Always Growing - Embrace the Journey

    • Better Together - Think Team

    These values are our guidepost; our values provide alignment in all we do. We use these values as the focus of our Culture Playbook. Our playbook gives us a unique advantage. Building and sustaining the culture we desire requires intentional effort, planning and attention. Our core values provide the standards for how we behave towards each other, interact with our students, and partner with our families. Our success depends on collaborating and achieving in our diverse learning community. 

    There is tremendous power in alignment and common vocabulary. When we share a deep commitment to a common culture, we are engaged and energized. We are able to communicate about complex issues, navigate differences, and support each other on our learning journey. Our ultimate goal is to create a culture where everyone is consistently engaged in the behaviors that help us prepare each individual student for success.

    The Culture Playbook is only the beginning of our culture journey. We have a three-year professional development plan that supports our work. During the past school year, our administrative team and District leadership have engaged in the R-Factor training process. We must develop the skills to achieve results. Responding to life’s events demands that we act with purpose. Our mindset and skill set, grounded in our values, are critical to our success. As a District, from our youngest students to our most experienced educators, we are focused on developing the skills that will prepare all for success in the future. We are, of course, focused on teaching academics to each student. Alongside teaching the academic standards, we align our instruction to teach self-discipline, personal responsibility, growth mindset, and teamwork. We celebrate our diversity and connection through collaboration.