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KMS Clubs and Organizations


Art Club
Length of Activity:  All year
Grade:  6-8 

Art Club provides students who have an interest in art an opportunity to explore art and craft forms beyond what is offered in the curriculum.  It gives students the opportunity to work individually and in groups. It is open to students from all the middle school grade levels and helps to foster good working relationships among these multi-aged students. 

Advisor: Mr. Schafe

Battle of the Books
Length of Activity:  October-March
Grade:  6-8 

Battle of the Books is a quiz-show type competition between teams of 4 readers. All KMS students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to participate. Students can put together their own teams of 4, or they can sign up individually to be placed on a team. Each team of 4 is responsible for reading 28 books before competitions begin in January, but the books are to be divided up among the team members. The questions for the competitions come directly from the 28 books. Battle of the Books offers a fun way for students to challenge themselves as readers and to continue to build those important reading muscles. 

Advisor: Ms. Wolf

ShamRockin' Dance Club (formerly 6th Grade Dance Club)  
Come join the fun! ShamRockin Club is a PTO sponsored event open to all 6th graders in Dublin middle schools.  A professional dance instructor, will teach the latest moves (fast, slow, line, and group) while introducing social and etiquette skills in a fun way.  Cost will be announced which includes all four dance sessions and the final celebration dance at Bridgewater Banquet and Conference Center. Sorry, no prorating partial sessions.  Registration forms will be available in January, please contact your school's PTO for more information.

Drama Club  
Length of Activity:  November through February    
Grade: 6-8 

KMS Drama Club provides an outlet for creative expression and theater performance to our Middle School students. Students learn elements of musical theater through the process of creating our school musical, preparing students to audition and participate in theater programs in the surrounding community. Drama Club is open to all students, but students must audition to be a part of Drama Club in November, after our musical is announced. Students will be cast as a role in our musical, or they may apply to work behind the scenes to aid in the production. There is a cap each year to the number of students in Drama Club, based on the chosen musical’s cast size. 

You may visit our website for the most up-to-date information: KMS Drama Club Website

Advisor: Chelsey Campbell

Dublin Youth String Orchestra (DYSO)   
Length of Activity: Wednesdays, 4:30-6pm, October-March
Grades:   5-9

DYSO serves as an opportunity for advanced strings students to pursue an extra challenge above and beyond their regular class work.  Students rehearse once a week, and have several performances throughout the year. DYSO is open, by audition, to any Dublin student in grades 5-9.  Auditions are in May for the following season. Visit our website. 

Advisor: Matthew R. Hawley

Games Club:
Length of Activity: All year
Grades: 6-8

Games Club provides a fun, relaxed space where all students are welcome to socialize and learn and play new games. We will play anything from board games to group games to video games. Students are welcome to teach new games to the group. The club is open to students of all grade levels and all abilities. 

Advisor: Miss Wilson, 

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club:
Length of Activity:  All year
Grades:  6-8

This is a student-led club that aims to provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and loving environment for all students who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. The club is open to anyone who wants to support this community by identifying as an ally as well. All KMS students are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings in the library to learn how they can play an essential role in this club's success!  See Mrs. Meier, one of our 8th grade language arts teachers at KMS or contact her via email if you are interested or have any questions:  

Advisor: Mrs. Meier

Jazz Band   
Length of Activity: October - May
Grade:  7-8 

A performing group for students who wish an introduction experience to rock, jazz and latin styles. Instrumentation is limited to guitars, drum sets, saxophones, trumpets and trombones. Jazz Band meets once a week, usually on Wednesdays. Students perform several times throughout the year. 


Junior Teen Institute (JTI)  
Length of Activity:  All year
Grade:  6-8 

Karrer Middle School Junior Teen Institute is a student-led organization that provides students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills while being confident in their decision to be drug-free, bully-free, and kind to others. Students who are selected to be members of JTI have the desire to lead a drug-free, bully-free life. They will support others who are making the same positive choices and encourage their peers to make healthy decisions.Junior Teen Institute implements alcohol and other drug prevention projects to clearly promote a “no use” message, and provides opportunities throughout the year for students to have fun without alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. It is open to all students grades 6 to 8. 

Advisor: Mrs. Beekman -

Length of Activity:  November - February  
Grade: 6-8 

MATHCOUNTS is a national math enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement.  After several months of coaching, the school selects students to compete as part of a team in written and oral competitions held nationwide.  Winners at the local level proceed to state competitions, where the top four students and coach earn the right to represent their state or territory at the national level.  At all levels, MATHCOUNTS challenges students' math skills, develops their self-confidence and rewards them for their achievements. MATHCOUNTS meets after school from November to February, usually once each week. All students in grades 6-8 are welcome to attend meetings in November and December.  Once the MathCounts team is selected in January, after tryouts, only those team members may attend in January and February in order to prepare for the Regional and State competitions. 

*Please note that MathCounts does limit the number of students to ten (10) from each school that can be part of the competition team.  Tryouts will be held to determine the student who will make up the competition team each year. However, all weekly MATHCOUNTS meetings up until tryouts occur, are open to all students who are able to attend.

Advisor: Mrs. Chandler (

Power of the Pen and Writing Rocks
Length of Activity:  October - May (Mondays from 3:15-4:15)          

Power of the Pen
Grades:  7-8 Only

Power of the Pen is a statewide interscholastic writing competition for 7th and 8th graders. PoP promotes an interest in creative writing and develops skills of students who demonstrate talent and enthusiasm for on-demand writing. Students compete with other writers from schools at the district, regional, and state levels. Students must try out for all PoP team positions and competitions.  

Writing Rocks
Grades:  6-8

Writing Rocks allows all middle school students to work on their creative writing skills. These meetings will be at the same time as Power of the Pen, but there are no try-outs or competitions for Writing Rocks. Any student with a passion for writing is encouraged to join us!

Mrs. Hull - 7th grade (
Ms. Wolf - 8th Grade (  

Ski Club

Length of Activity:  December - February (weather permitting)    
Grade: 6-8 

Dublin Ski and Board Club welcomes all levels of skiers and snowboarders to join us on six (6) after-school trips to Mad River Mountain. The chartered bus trips begin in January and are planned through February, with make-up trips as needed.  Sign-up details and parent meeting dates will be posted on the Ski and Board Club Website, and it has all the information you need to make this an exciting season on the slopes! Go to the link below to learn more:

Dublin Ski & Board Website

KMS Advisor: Mr. Schafer

Student Council   
Length of Activity:  All year
Grade:  6-8 

Karrer Middle School Student Council is a student-led organization that provides leadership and service to Karrer Middle School and our community. Students who are elected to this position are organized, driven, and have an interest in learning the basics of student service government as well as being dedicated to helping and improving our school and making a positive impact on our community. Some examples of our events are the food drive, the pop tab drive, Color Cycle, canteens, and more. KMS Student Council members are seen as the leaders of the KMS student body. We encourage your students to get involved in shaping Karrer Middle School into a positive learning environment for each student and in helping our community. 

Advisor: Mrs. Beekman -

Vocal Ensemble
Length of Activity: November-May
Grade: 7-8

Karrer Vocal Ensemble is an extra performing group offered to 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in Choir at Karrer. This performance group is an extra challenge for our singers and will have more community performances and opportunities throughout the year, in addition to the scheduled concerts at Karrer. 

Advisor: Chelsey Campbell

WKMS - News and Video Team
Length of Activity: All year
Grades:  6-8   

The purpose of the WKMS is to provide students with various exciting opportunities to use their communication skills.  Members are students who possess experience or a desire to learn and practice effective communication techniques. They are selected in an application process the first couple of weeks of school.  Students run the school announcements TV broadcast throughout the year and have other fun activities. Students participating in WKMS commit to come into school at 7:30AM when their team is producing the newscast.  Student teams operate on a rotation where each team is broadcasting for one week.  Time between each team broadcasting is determined by the number of teams we have which is based on the number of students we have.  

Advisor: Mrs. Williams   

Yearbook Club:
Length of Activity:  October - May
Grades:  6-8

Our goal is to produce a high quality published book that captures the heart of Karrer Middle School - the students.   As a Yearbook member you will be involved in all phases of production including: layout design, color combinations, photography, cropping, editing, keyboarding, all program descriptions.  The content of the yearbook is ours to create! No previous experience is needed. Email Mrs. Kurtz, one of our 8th grade language arts teachers at KMS, and join our Schoology course for more information. 

Schoology Course Code: HJKC-9G77-GDSDN

Advisor: Mrs. Kurtz